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GACE Bylaws

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GACE Bylaws


Revised June 8, 2016

bylaws revised 6.8.2016.pdf


-- Revised June 8, 2016 --
Section 1: Name:
The name of this organization is the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement, Inc. In this document, the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement, Inc. is referred to as “GACE” or the “Association”. This shall be a non-profit organization and shall be selfsupporting.
2: Territory:
The geographical area that GACE represents shall be all participating municipal, countyand state agencies within the boundaries of the State of Georgia.
Section 3: Purpose:
The Purpose of G.A.C.E. shall be to study and advance the science and practice of code enforcement, to further the interests of the profession, and to promote professionalism, fellowship, education, and communication among its members.

Section 1: Active Member:
A person involved in the regulation of health and safety in the environment, both natural and man-made, or is otherwise responsible for the enforcement of municipal, county, state or federal codes and who resides or is employed in the State of Georgia shall be eligible for regular membership and upon payment of established dues shall be known as an “Active Member”, with voting privileges.
Section 2: Associate Member:
 Any student, non-resident or individual interested in code enforcement.
(a). Any active member leaving the code enforcement profession for reasons other than retirement for a period in excess of six months will cease to be an active member and will be considered an associate member without voting privileges.
Associate members may change their membership to active upon employment with a municipal, county, state or federal agency and payment of all applicable fees to G.A.C.E.
Section 3: Honorary Member:
The Board of Directors may designate honorary members of the Association. An Honorary Member shall be a person who has shown exemplary service or has madeoutstanding contributions to the field of code enforcement, without voting privileges.
Section 4: Retired Member:
The Board of Directors may designate Retired Members of the Association. A Retired Member shall be considered an Active Member of the Association without voting privileges. Any active member who retires from his/her position in code enforcement may remain in the membership with payment of prescribed dues as outlined in Article III Section 3.
Section 5: Regional Chapter:
A group of participating jurisdictions may organize and form Regional Chapters with approval from the GACE board of directors. The Board of Directors may create and enforce guidelines for such chapters, including an annual membership fee of $75.00.
Section 6: Participating Agency:
Any governmental agency in which there are one or more active GACE members.
Section 7: Code of Ethics:
The protection of Life, Health and Property is a solemn responsibility of the highest order. Recognizing the public’s trust bestowed upon individuals engaged in the administration and enforcement of codes in their respective municipality or county, .A.C.E. advocates commitment to standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest principles of ethical conduct. Members and Board of Directors shall be held to te same standards as all State ethic proclamations and the statutory requirements of G.G.A.§45-10-3
All G.A.C.E. Members Shall:
a. Place the public’s welfare above all other interests and recognize that the primary objective of government is to serve the people.
b. Be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations in their respective employing agency. All matters of ethical conduct should be strived for and no conduct should bring discredit to G.A.C.E.
c.  Never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence decisions. Accept no personal favors for public services rendered and conscientiously avoid all circumstances that could compromise professional integrity.
d. Recognize the responsibility of position as a symbol of public faith and accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of code enforcement service.
e. Maintain professional competence in all areas of employment responsibility and encourage the same for all associates at all levels.

f.    All Members shall be expected to display professionalism, integrity, and leadership while attending any G.A.C.E. Conference, meeting etc. Members shall be present and /or accounted for during all classes in which they are registered. While at any G.A.C.E. affiliated conference, meeting, or special event, all members are to conduct themselves in a business professional manner, which does not negatively affect the organization. All members are represented the organization as a whole and should conduct themselves in a manner that induces positive attributes upon themselves and the organization, for the duration of their time as a member.
Section 8: Disciplinary Action of Membership
(a).Any member may be suspended and/or removed from the membership roll of GACE upon finding by the Board of Directors that said member has acted in such a manner to bring discredit upon GACE. Any member may submit in writing a request to investigate allegations. The Board shall forward all investigation request to the Legislative and Judicial  Review Committee for investigative process. The Board will thoroughly review evidence presented by the LJR Committee, before making a disciplinary decision. 
(b). Upon formal charges being filed with the Board of Directors to a violation of code of conduct on the part of Any Member or Board Member, the Legislative and Judicial Review Committee shall conduct an investigation for the purpose of receiving evidence to the merits of such charges. The member so charged shall be given at least ten(10) days notice prior to such investigation. If such
charges are found to be true, the Board of Directors shall conduct a hearing to give a decision on discipline action to such member as provided in the bylaws.
Such hearing shall be held in accordance with Section 1of Article IX, the judicial review of any such decision shall be in accordance with such chapter.
The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final, where the appellant has failed to file an appeal within ten(10) business days of formal notification of the Board of Directors decision.

All G.A.C.E. Members and potential members acknowledge it is a privilege to be a member of G.A.C.E., Not a Right. Violations of the Code of Conduct which would discredit the Association can be grounds for suspension or termination of membership and or assigned or elected responsibilities which shall be determined exclusively by the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final, where the appellant has failed to file an appeal within ten (10) business days of formal notification of the Board of Directors decision. 
Section 9: Appeals and appointment of Appellant Committee:
The decision of the Board shall be final, unless an appeal is filed in accordance with Article II Section 8 Subsection (c). The appeal shall be filed with the Board of Directors.
(a). Upon receiving a written request of appeal the President shall appoint the Appellant Committee. The Committee should be comprised of Six(6) members; four(4) Active Members (peers of the appellant and should represent the four degrees of this State North, South, East, and West), One(1) Retired Member (peer of appellant, should represent in like employment status if possible), and The Past President of the Association. The Past President shall be Chairperson of the Committee without voting privileges. The Chairperson is responsible for the Order of the appeals process and shall
prescribe upon each committee member a commitment to privacy and to insure only factual, non-bias information and records are reviewed by the committee as a whole. The committee should submit to the Board of Directors their decision within thirty (30) days of appointment. The decision shall be in writing and presented in person by the Chairperson. The appeals decision shall
be read aloud in executive session before the Board of Directors. The Appellant shall receive in writing and in form of announcement the appeals decision from the Board of Directors. Upon formally filing an open records request to the Board of Directors information pertaining to the investigation, board decision, and appeals process shall be subject for review by any active member filing, however only factual, non-bias and non-suggestive information shall be read before the Full Membership of G.A.C.E. during an Annual Business Meeting. The Appellants Committee’s decision shall be in
writing and should include the following information when presented and read and the decision shall be final. 
1. Decision must be directed to the Board of Directors of G.A.C.E.
 2. Should give name and jurisdiction of appellant
3. Should address each action, decision and investigation process as being thorough, non-thorough, bias or non-bias.
4. Should advise both board and appellant of decision and the basis of which should be noted as found in a non-bias review of factual investigative information and/or evidence pertinent to the investigation and/or appeals process.
5. Should offer alternative decision or disciplinary decision where the Board   of Directors and/or LJR Committee are found to have used inadequate decision making or investigative practices.
6. Should list the expectations of the committee, Board of Directors, and LJR Committee as to privacy issues concerning members’ personal information or any information that does not directly affect the appeals decision.
7. Decision should be signed by the Chairperson and all five representing  committee members listing each member’s jurisdiction and title of employment.
Section 1:Fiscal Year:
The GACE fiscal year shall be from January 1, through December 31, of each successive
Section 2: Treasures Report
The annual treasures report shall be prepared and presented by a budget and finance
Section 3: Dues:
Annual Membership dues shall be $50.00per active member, $75.00per associate and
$30.00 retired member with the dues of all members due and payable by January 1st of
each year. The membership year shall extend from January 1st through December 31st of
each year.
(a). Any Member in default of his/her financial responsibilities to G.A.C.E. for a
period of six months shall no longer be entitled to the benefits of membership
in G.A.C.E. Under no circumstances will a member be allowed to vote unless
his/her dues are current.
Section 4: Payments:
All approved claims owed for payment by G.A.C.E. shall be submitted to the Treasurer in
the form of written and signed statement within ninety (90) days. All expenditures from
G.A.C.E. funds shall be subject to review by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer and
another officer, either the Association President or the First Vice President of Operations,
must sign all checks exceeding $100.00. The establishing of the G.A.C.E. bank account
shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors and the account shall be placed
within the State of Georgia.
Section 1: Number and Types of Officers: The officers of GACE shall be seven (7) in
number and shall be The Association President, 1st Vice President Operations, 2nd Vice
President Certification, 3rd Vice President Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, and
Section2: Eligibility for Office:
(a). Any active member of G.A.C.E. in good standing and having successfully
completed   the requirements of Level I shall be eligible for any office
excluding the seat of Association President.
(b). Any active member having successfully completed Level I requirements,
having served in a position of the G.A.C.E. Board of Directors for at least
one(1) full term and in good standing shall be eligible for the office of
Association President.
(c). Any active member will not be eligible for any office who has,
1)  Previously resigned their office voluntarily or involuntarily due to     
misconduct or inappropriate conduct while serving on the board of
2)  While under an investigation or,  
3)  Who has abandoned their office, Definition of Abandonment: Failure
of an officer to perform his/her duties as determined by the Board of
Section 3: Terms of Office:
(a). The normal term of office shall be two years from the installation of office at
the annual meeting.
(b). The Board of Directors shall serve a staggered term of two years or until their
successors are duly elected. In order to achieve staggered terms of office for
the directors the fall of 2009 Election shall only  have four (4) of its Officers
elected for two(2) years and three of its officers  elected for one(1) year. The
President, 2
 Vice President, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms position shall
serve a two year term until fall 2011 Election and thereafter every two years.
The 1
 Vice President, 3
 Vice President and Treasurer shall serve a one year
term until the fall 2010 Election and thereafter every two years.
Section 4: Duties of Officers:
Association President –
The Association President shall be directly responsible for the supervision and guidance
of the affairs of this Association and shall preside over all meetings of G.A.C.E. The
President shall enforce the by-laws of this Association and perform other duties that
would be recognized as being part of the office. The President shall be moderator of
meetings held by the G.A.C.E. Board of Directors and vote only in the event of a tie. The
headquarters of the Association shall be the office of the President, so long as it is located
in the state of Georgia. The President shall chair the Public Education Committee and shall be
responsible for oversight of the GACE Online web site and Discussion Forum.
1st Vice President Operations –
The 1st Vice President Operations will preside over all meetings in the absence of the
President. The primary duties of the 1st Vice President Operations shall be to appoint and
chair the Program Committee and to assist the treasurer in carrying out the duties of
his/her office.
2nd Vice President Certification –
The 2nd Vice President Certification shall preside in the absence of the 1st Vice President
Operations and the President at all G.A.C.E. functions. The primary duties of the 2nd
Vice President Certification shall be to appoint and chair the Certification Committee and
to keep the President informed of the current progress and future plans of the Committee.

3rd Vice President Membership –
The 3
Vice President, 1
 Vice President shall preside over any G.A.C.E. functions in the absence of; 2
 Vice President and President occur. The primary responsibility is to
appoint and chair the Membership Committee. This position shall maintain a continuous
effort and drive throughout the year in order to accomplish a larger
capacity of active and associate membership as qualified in Article II, Sections 1, 2 and 3.
Secretary – 
The secretary shall keep and maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of all official
meetings and the names of all appointed committees and their functions. The Secretary
shall be responsible for the publishing of the GACE newsletter with the help of the sitting
Board Members, and promote an open communication between the GACE Board and the
GACE Membership. 
Treasurer –
 The treasurer shall be the custodian of all financial matters of this organization and shall
appoint and chair the Finance/Budget Committee. He/she will be responsible to see that
the dues of all members are paid in full prior to the opening of the annual business
session, and shall report the same to the President. Records of all collections and
expenditures from the GACE treasury shall be reviewed and signed by the treasurer. The
Treasurer’s books and records shall be audited each year by the Board of Directors prior
to the annual conference. A report of all revenues and expenditures shall be made
available to all members of the Association. At the annual meeting of GACE the
Treasurer shall present a financial statement for all members to view if desired. The
Treasurer shall investigate all tax laws and procedures and establish this Association in
its rightful and correct position, as so stated in Article I, Section 1,a.
Sergeant-at-Arms –
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order during all meetings and functions of this
Association. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for ensuring that all voters are in
accordance with the provisions of Article II. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall appoint and
chair the Legislative and Judicial Review Committee and will keep the President
informed of all actions and progress the committee makes.
Section 5: Board of Directors:
(a). There shall be a Board  of Directors comprised of the seven(7) Officers as defined
in Article IV Section I, with the Immediate Past President of the Association as an
ex-officio member with-out voting rights.
(b). Except as otherwise provided by the G.A.C.E. By-laws, the Board of Directors
may transact Association business in the interim between annual meetings; shall
determine when committee reports are to be issued; shall effectuate motions voted
by the Association; and may adopt rules for regulation of it’s proceedings.
(c).  Official findings and recommendations of the Board of Directors shall be
determined by a majority vote. Six(6) members of the Board of Directors shall
have one(1) vote with the President to vote to break tie, and the immediate Past
President (with-out voting right) to give recommendations to all members with
voting rights.
(d). The Board of Directors may authorize the existence of Chapter Organizations.
(e). Quorum established as five (5) voting members of the present Board of Directors.
(f). A Board member may utilize no more than two proxies annually. No Proxies will
be allowed at the annual meeting. A quorum must be present for proxies to be
effective. Any board member my direct his or her proxy only to another active
member and no member shall hold more than one (1) proxy.  Proxies shall be in
writing to the board, acceptable by facsimile or electronic transmittal shall specify
the meeting for which they are given, and shall be assigned by the maker. No
verbal proxies allowed.
A. Absentee ballots may be employed in all elections, and in all matters involving By-law
changes. Blank absentee ballots will be made available by the Nominating Committee
Chair to all active members unable to attend the meeting in which the election or By-law
amendments are to be held. Members may also request absentee ballots from the
Nominating Committee Chair. Absentee ballots will not be utilized in the event of a runoff
election during
B. At least 100 days prior to the meeting in which  an election is to be held for GACE Board
of Directors or voting on By-Law changes, the President shall appoint a Nominating
Committee of at least 3 members in good standing of the Association to be responsible
for the voting process.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist as an ex-officio and non-voting
member of the committee and oversee the voting process.
C. No person who is a current Board member, or who plans to be a candidate for any
position on the Board of Directors in the election, nor the immediate Past President shall
be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.
D. Whereas the Sergeant-at-Arms is a candidate on the ballot for election he/she may
appoint, with approval from the President, a member of the Legislative and Judicial
Review Committee as a stand-in to oversee the election process. 
E. The President shall, at least 90 days prior to the meeting in which the voting is to
commence, post on the official GACE website the names and contact information of the
Nominating Committee and a list of Board positions and or By-Law changes to be voted
- 11 -                                              Revised  June 8, 2016 
on. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for all verification including active
membership of the nominator, nominee, and Jurisdictional approval.
F. The Nominating Committee will begin no later than 90 days prior to the meeting in
which the election is to be held, accepting nominations for Board of Directors positions.
G.  The nomination process will be completed and closed 60 days prior to the meeting in
which the election is to be held. There will be no nominations from the floor.
 (1) Exception: In the event that during the nomination process there are no qualified
nominees, nominations for open positions only can be taken from the floor at the
meeting where the election is to be held. 
(2) All absentee ballots shall reflect that in the event no one qualified for a position,
nominations will be taken from the floor for the open position(s) only.
H. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for the Officers positions as
described in Article IV Section I, with staggered terms as described in Article IV Section
3(c) and will post on the official GACE web site, 60 days prior to the meeting in which
voting is to be held, the ballot for voting once the nomination process is complete.
I.  The active member voting absentee must return the absentee ballots by postal mail, dated
30 days prior to the meeting in which the voting is to be held, in a sealed envelope
marked “Ballot “across seal of envelope.
J. Absentee ballots will remain sealed until verified by the Sergeant-at-Arms or a member
of the Legislative and Judicial Review Committee as prescribed in subsection (D) of this
K. The Nominating Committee, upon completing the verification of the active member’s
eligibility to vote, shall cast the absentee ballots during the voting process.
L. In the event there is only one nominee for any particular office, the membership
assembled may instruct the Secretary by proper motion to cast a ballot for the full number
of qualified voters at the meeting for the said nominee whereupon the President shall
declare him/her elected by acclamation. 
M. The President shall announce at a called meeting the results of all balloting and shall
declare all elections. 
N. Formal notification of the election results shall be prepared by the Secretary and
electronically mailed to each active G.A.C.E. member and or posted on the official
O. Members of the Nominating Committee may choose to run for election to the Board of
Directors before the ballot is prepared, however, they must immediately notify the Board
of Directors and resign from the committee.
Section 2: Vacancies:
 (a). In the event a vacancy is created in office of the President, the 1
 Vice President      
shall immediately assume the office of President for the remainder of the term,
whether or not he/she has  served one full term.
(b). The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint an active member of the
      Membership meeting requirements for any vacated office other than President for 
the remainder of that term. All vacancies, resignations and appointment of
officers shall be announced in writing, electronic transmittal and/or facsimile and
sent to each active member of the Association within ten(10) business days of
Section 3: Voting:
(a). For the normal transaction of business, all active members present at the      
Annual Meeting shall have one vote. 
(b). The Sergeant-at-Arms shall determine the eligibility for voting on specific
business matters and the Secretary shall maintain a current list of voting
(c). A quorum for a valid vote, excluding Absentee Ballots, shall be majority of those
eligible members casting ballots who attended the meeting. Proxy ballots will not
be counted. Proxy ballots are expressly prohibited.
(d). The nominee who receives the majority, e.g., fifty-percent plus one (50%+1)
vote, shall be declared the winner. In the event there are more than two candidates
nominated for the same position and no candidate receives a majority of the votes
cast, there shall be a run-off election between the two(2) candidates receiving the
largest number of votes.
Section 1: Annual Meetings:
(a). There shall be one(1) Annual Meeting held each year during the fall/winter
(b). The primary purpose of the annual meeting shall be:
1. To receive the annual report from the current Association Officers. 
2. To receive financial report for the next year of Association operation. 
3. To install newly elected officers
4. To allow the Membership opportunity to address any and all topics
associated with G.A.C.E.
5. To present minutes from past annual meeting.
Section 2: Special Meetings:
(a). The Board of Directors and/or the President may call a special meeting at such
time, date and place as they may consider appropriate.
(b). At the written request of a minimum of 10% of the active members of the 
            organization, the President shall call a special meeting.
Section 3: Notice of Meetings:
(a). A written notice of the annual meeting shall be mailed to each GACE member no
 later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.
Section 4:Programs:
(a). It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to appoint a program 
      coordinator to ensure that each program provided for the membership shall be of
the highest quality and consistent with the established purposes and goals of this
Section 5: Minutes of Business Meetings:
(a). Complete minutes shall be recorded of each business meeting by either the Secretary or some other qualified member of GACE designated by the Secretary to serve in his/her absence.
(b). All minutes, once recorded and approved by the appropriate body as to accuracy,  shall become part of the permanent record of which the Secretary is Custodian.
(c). The minutes of the annual meeting shall be recorded by the Secretary. 
Section 1: Appointment:
The President shall, whenever necessary and appropriate, appoint special committees to perform specific and limited duties.
Section 2: Tenure:
The tenure of each special committee shall be for the duration of the specific duty assigned to it, but shall not exceed beyond the end of the GACE annual meeting in which the particular special committee was appointed, except that any special committee may be continued the following year or by the succeeding President
Section 3: Duties and Responsibilities of Standing and Temporary Committees:
(a). The Finance and Budget Committee is to meet at least twice yearly during the G.A.C.E fiscal year to outline the receipts to the Board of Directors for the coming G.A.C.E fiscal year.
(b). The Program Committee shall meet as necessary and shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for the development and presentation of programs and exhibits to the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. 
(c). The Membership Committee shall meet as necessary and is responsible for the active recruitment of new members and the retention of present members. 
(d). The Certification Committee is hereby empowered to develop those regulations it feels necessary to cause the members of GACE to display professionalism, integrity, leadership and knowledge pertaining to the field of Code Enforcement that is in the best interests of the public and the Association. The committee shall be empowered to develop and maintain a policy for certification regulations and requirements. The committee shall meet as often as necessary to attain those goals and shall make a report to the Board of Directors of its progress and methods.
(e). The Legislative and Judicial Review Committee will meet as necessary and is responsible for the review of ordinances throughout the State of Georgia that pertain to code enforcement. Their responsibility lies in finding the most efficient and effective laws in place and working toward the establishment of these laws on a statewide basis. This committee is responsible for the review of the current bylaws of the Association, and the development of new State Legislation that will benefit Code Enforcement Officers and the Association. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall chair this Committee. This committee shall be responsible for any and all investigative measures as so directed by the Board of Directors. Where the committee is called upon to investigate the alleged misconduct or violations of the Code of Ethics of any member of this Association this committee is bound by the State of Georgia’s Privacy Act, to act appropriately and with non-bias professionalism. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for governing the order of each investigation and is required to establish a Standard Investigative Process.

(f). The Appellant Committee is a temporary committee and the members of which are subject to change depending the jurisdictional coordinates of the Appellant. This committee is chaired by the Past President and appointed by the President. This committee is considered active only in the occasion an active member of this Association files an appeal against the disciplinary decisions of the Board of Directors. This committee is bound by the State of Georgia’s Privacy Act. The Past President shall govern the Order of business and he/she has no voting privileges in the decisions made by the committee. He/she shall only submit factual investigative information taken from the LJR Committee, Board of Directors and the Appellant to the committee members for decision. The members of this committee are to remain anonymous except to the Appellant and Board of Directors. The names of each committee member shall only be released upon decision of the appeal, at which each member must sign in agreement. A committee member may serve on more than one Appellant Committee during a term, however that member must use non-bias professional conduct with each
appeal filed and service to the Appellant Committee and at no time shall that member use the names, jurisdictions or descriptions of previous Appellants when making his/her decisions. Each appeal shall be decided only by the evidence concerning that investigative case. 
(g) The Public Education Committee is charged with outreach efforts to educate all Governmental Associations and Jurisdictions throughout the State of Georgia on the curriculum of GACE and the benefits of trained Officers as well as maintenance of the GACE Online web site and Discussion Forum including but not limited to the administration, maintenance and updates. . This Committee is chaired by the President.
Section 1: Proposal:
(a). Upon written petition officially transmitted to the Board of Directors from the  Legislative & Judicial Review Committee or of at least one-fourth (1/4) of the active membership of GACE, any proposed amendment to these by-laws shall, after full discussion by the Board of Directors, be prepared as written ballot at the next annual meeting.
Section 2: Adoption:
(a). Except as modified by the By-Laws, any proposed amendment shall require a majority vote for adoption. The vote shall be by secret ballot.
Section 1: Parliamentary Procedures
(a). Parliamentary Procedures shall be as defined in the current edition of Roberts
Rules of Order.
Section 2: Order of Business:
(a). Except as modified by the By-Laws, the order of business of the Association shall be as follows:
1. Role call of officers. During the Annual Meeting roll call of committees and members of each as described in these by-laws.
2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.
3. Announcements.
4. Reports of officers and minutes.
5. Program.
6. Unfinished Business.
7. New Business.
8. Election of Officers and seating of the same.
9. Adjournment.

If a court of competent jurisdiction shall declare any part of these by-laws unconstitutional or invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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