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    • Philomena Robertson

      2017 GACE Annual Conference   12/01/2016

      The next GACE conference is schedule for March 7-10, 2017 In Savannah.  Further details will be posted on the Forums at a later date.
    • AngieT

      Candidates for Board   01/10/2017

      Our next election will be held in March at our Spring conference at the Riverfront Marriott in Savannah.  Please see the attachment to get to know the candidates. If you can't open the attachment I have also posted this in the forum.  Candidates for GACE Board of Directors office 2017.docx
    • AngieT

      Absentee Ballot   01/12/2017

      The Absentee Ballot is now available under "forms" Please use this to vote if you are unable to attend conference.  Your membership dues must be paid in order for your vote to count. Also, the Ballot must be postmarked by February 4, 2017
    • AngieT

      GACE CONFERENCE   01/12/2017

      Here is the link to register for conference.http://www.cviog.uga.edu/gace
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  • GACE Happenings

    Hello fellow GACE members!  As you can see we have a brand new website that is much more user friendly!  We are very excited about this!  The forum is also much easier to use and we hope that it will be more accommodating to get answers to your questions. Please bear with us as we get more current information on the site.


    The Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE) is a Professional Organization dedicated to establishing responsible Code Enforcement throughout local Governments in Georgia and professional development of its members. The GACE Code Enforcement Officer Certificate Program is sponsored by GACE in cooperation with the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Municipal Association.                                  

    The CEOCP is administered by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those persons responsible for enforcement of City, County and State Codes in Georgia.


  • Purpose of the Organization. The purpose of GACE shall be to study and advance the science and practice of Code enforcement, to further the interests of the profession, and to promote professionalism, fellowship, education, and communication among its members.

  • G.A.C.E.

    ESTABLISHED:  1998

    Dedication to training the Code Enforcement Officer throughout Georgia.  

    The first training conference held by GACE was in the Fall of 1998 at the  UGA Center for Continuing Education located in Athens Georgia. GACE Training is facilitated through the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government  and is in participation and supported by  ACCG and GMA.  The membership count for  GACE in 1998 was totaled at 50 today; GACE Celebrates an increase of over 800% at 409 members, all due to dedication of  GACE Members and Local Jurisdictional Support for the Code Enforcement Field.  

    From 1998 to 2008 GACE has revised the training from One Level to Two Levels and has began an assertive approach to seek State recognition.  2008 produced a good year and the 2009 endeavor will be to continue our two main goals 

    1. LJR Committee presenting state legislation to incorporate the code enforcement profession to Georgia Law, and

    2. Certification Committee to present a streamline training schedule to produce a  Certified Program sealed by the STATE of GEORGIA.

    GACE celebrated its Ten Years where it all began at the UGA Center for Continuing Education in Athens Georgia September 30 thru October 3, 2008  

  • G.A.C.E.
    Board of Directors
    Contact List


    Angie Tkacsik
    Russell Moody
    1st Vice President
    Russell Gay
    2nd Vice President
    Philomena Robertson
    3rd Vice President
    Keith Colquitt
    Sergeant At Arms
    Susan Carpenter
    Alayne Hightower


    Replace "(at)" with the "@" symbol.

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  • G.A.C.E. Training
    The goals of the Certificate of the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement are to:
    1. Encourage professionalism in public code enforcement administration throughout Georgia.
    2. Increase knowledge of the major aspects of code enforcement administration.
    3. Develop skills necessary for the enforcement of environmental, housing, and land use codes.
    4. The GACE Certificate Program offers three levels of training. Six core courses and a selection of electives totaling nine hours form the basic framework of Level I. Level II includes an additional five core courses and an additional 24 hours of electives.
    The GACE Certificate Program offers three levels of training. To receive a Level I certificate, participants must complete 45 hours of course work (36 hours of required courses and nine hours of electives) and pass a written exam after each required course with a grade of 70 or better. Requirements for the Level II certificate consist of an additional 45 hours of coursework (30 hours of required courses and 15 hours of electives) with the same requirement of successfully passing a written exam for each required course with a grade of 70 or better. The Level III certificate program requires the completion of 75 hours in a separate curriculum consisting of technical and leadership courses. Upon successful completion of all coursework, participants must write a reflection paper on selected courses taken.
     All of the classes are taught on a rotating schedule. Based on your choice of class selections, you can earn up to 18 hours of credit toward your certificate level at the annual conference and an additional six or twelve hours by attending the workshop training.
     To be eligible to participate in the certificate program, an individual must:
    • Be a G.A.C.E. Member throughout the entire program
    • Be willing to uphold the by-laws of the organization
    • Be an honest member and ethical person
    •  Communication (6 hours)
    •  Cultural Differences in Code Enforcement (6 hours)
    •  Enforcement Techniques and Investigative Process and Court Procedures (6 hours)
    •  Environmental Protection and Environmental Nuisance Abatement (6 hours)
    •  Handling Special and Hazardous Materials (6 hours)
    •  Housing and the ICC Property Maintenance Code (6 hours)
    •  Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement (6 hours)
    •  Planning Concepts and Dealing with Citizen Boards (3 hours)
    •  Preparing Your Case for Court (6 hours)
    •  Public Service Ethics (6 hours)
    •  Safety Tactics and In-Field Safety for Code Officers (6 hours)
    •  Signage and Right-of-Way Encroachments (3 hours) 
    • Administering Flood Plain Regulations and Stream Buffer Rules
    • Airborne Viruses, Mold and Bacteria
    • Basic Supervisory Skills
    • Business Writing
    • Change Management
    • Code Enforcement and Mobile Homes
    • Codes and Fire Suppression
    • Conflict and Anger Management
    • Customer Service
    • Developing and Administering the Code Enforcement Budget
    • Disaster Recovery and Debris Removal
    • Drugs, Chemicals, and Other Contraband
    • Financially Troubled and Abandoned Properties
    • Homeland Security in Code Enforcement
    • Making Public Presentations
    • New Technologies in Code Enforcement
    • Politics in Code Enforcement
    • Principles of Leadership for the Code Enforcement Officer
    • Stormwater Management and Control
    • Time and Stress Management
    • Zoning Code Enforcement
    • Technical Rotation — Course Descriptions:
    • Budgeting
    • Business Writing II
    • ICC Legal Management
    • ICC Property Maintenance
    • ICC Zoning
    • Ordinances
    • Soil Erosion and Sedimentation
    • Leadership Rotation — Course Descriptions
    • Coaching and Positive Discipline 
    • Conflict Management and Resolution 
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Effective Communication
    • Ethical Use of Power
    • Leading Teams and Group Dynamics
    • Managing Performance 
    • Motivation and Delegation
    • Navigating Change
    • Negotiation and Mediation
    • Powerful Presentations
    • Public Sector Leadership
    • Role of the Manager
    • Strategic Planning
    Continuing Education:
    Every three years, those who have attained Level I or Level II certification must complete 36 hours of continuing education. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking electives not previously taken or by taking courses in the Level III curriculum.

    Attendees may be able to receive POST credit for some of the courses offered at the conferences. Please contact POST in order to determine the process for requesting credit from the Peace Officers Training Council for classes taken through GACE.

     A special Annual Update class is being added to the course offerings at the annual conference. This class is designed to satisfy the continuing education requirements for individuals who have completed Level I and II. The topic(s) for the Annual Update will differ at each annual conference.

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